Getting paid to rent your property is now easier and more cost-effective than ever! Payoneer provides vacation rental hosts with vacation rental payment options to simply renting your space on vacation rental sites like Airbnb and Home Away. Vacation rental payment processing, especially Airbnb payments, don’t need to be complicated – it should be easy to get your money quickly!


Get paid to rent your space on the world’s best vacation rental sites

Get paid from vacation rental sites like Airbnb and Vrbo and private renters to a single, consolidated account

Easily access your earnings in USD, EUR, GBP and JPY

Withdraw your earnings to your local bank account

Requesting and processing vacation rental payments is made easy with the ability to send a bill via Payoneer and offer several safe and secure ways to pay online. Receive your Airbnb payments and other marketplace payments from vacation sites and private renters into one consolidated account, use the payment methods to create invoices, manage payments, send reminders and more. Airbnb payment methods naturally include Payoneer. Access funds with flexible withdrawal options in a variety of currencies.

Payoneer Makes It Easy and Simple for Vacation Rental Hosts to Pay and Get Paid

User-Friendly Platform

Easily view and manage your transactions, including: incoming payments, outgoing payments, point-of-sale transactions, withdrawals, withdrawals to your bank account, and account fees.

Customize your view by filtering by transaction type and status, print or export the table for your records in Excel or PDF format. Generate a monthly activity statement with the click of a button.

Global Payment Service

Accept payments directly in more currencies with our global receiving accounts. Payoneer offers its customers receiving accounts for local transfers in EUR, USD and GBP. Get paid quickly and easily directly to your Payoneer account from companies and individuals around the world. This solution enables you to effectively eliminate all costs associated with wire transfer fees for payments being received in these currencies.

Manage Currencies

Easily manage currencies and transfer between different Payoneer currency balances to pay your suppliers and service providers in their preferred currency.

Immediate In-Network Payments

Payoneer makes it easy to pay in-network suppliers for free with fast and secure payments received in up to 2 hours. Invite your suppliers and service providers to Payoneer with the click of a button and benefit from this low-cost, secure and fast solution for all your outgoing payments.

In limited territories, when paying from your Payoneer balance to other Payoneer account holders in certain regions a fee may apply.