Payoneer offers a great solution for online advertisers, affiliates, publishers and content creators, providing them with a simple way to get paid by leading digital marketing platforms. With Payoneer, digital marketers can get paid globally as easily as they do locally. Hundreds of online advertising platforms offer Payoneer as a payment method in a variety of currencies, including some of the world’s largest affiliate networks and platforms like Tradedoubler, Taboola, ClickBank and DailyMotion. In addition, payments are also made easy from any networks built on platforms like Cake or HasOffers.


Easily get paid by world-leading digital marketing platforms and affiliate networks

Accept payments from all your networks and clients into your local collection account

Get paid in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, MXN and many more currencies, as if you were receiving a local bank transfer

Bill customers, regardless of where in the world they’re located

Generate invoices, track and manage payment requests, and more

Stumped on the best way to get paid as a digital marketer? Many digital marketers, affiliates and publishers encounter difficulties when receiving international payments when they don’t have a U.S. or European bank account. Now, with Payoneer, this problem is eliminated as you can receive international payments with ease, allowing you to focus your efforts on growing your reach and tapping into new audiences. Payoneer offers one consolidated account where an affiliate marketing payment can be received, invoices issued and team members or sub-contractors paid.

Payoneer Makes It Easy for Digital Marketers to Get Paid by Online Marketing Platforms and Affiliate Marketing Networks

User-Friendly Platform

Easily view and manage your transactions, including: incoming payments, outgoing payments, point-of-sale card transactions, ATM withdrawals and withdrawals to your bank account.

Customize your view by filtering by transaction type and status, print or export the table for your records in Excel and PDF format. Generate a monthly activity statement with the click of a button.

Global Payment Service

Accept payments directly in more currencies with our global receiving accounts. Payoneer offers you receiving accounts for local transfers in EUR, USD GBP and other major currencies. Get paid quickly and easily directly to your Payoneer account by companies and individuals around the world. This solution enables you to effectively eliminate all costs associated with wire transfer fees for payments being received in these currencies.