Today, most eSellers opt to grow their business by selling on multiple marketplaces and managing more than one store per marketplace. Payoneer’s Store Manager makes it easier and more efficient to manage multiple store payments across multiple marketplaces and expand your global reach.


Instead of logging in to each marketplace to track your total earnings, just open Store Manager to see all your payments from multiple store payments across many marketplaces.

View multiple store payments for all your marketplaces
  • Sign in to Payoneer and click ‘Store Manager’

  • View all your connected stores

  • Manage all your stores’ payments from multiple marketplaces in one place!

View multiple Amazon store payments in one place using Store Manager, quickly and efficiently.

Save time by easily keeping track of all your eCommerce store payments!

Manage multiple store payments

Automatically keep track of all your marketplace store payments

Label your stores

Label your stores to make it easier to keep track of your performance

Export your payment data

Download payment data and analyze trends to see which stores are generating the most revenue