Payoneer enables sellers and service providers in India who get paid globally to automatically receive their FIRA/FIRS/NOC directly to their Payoneer account, at no cost. No more manual request, high fees or long waiting periods. We’ve got you covered! Read more

Benefits of Payoneer FIRA/FIRS/NOC

View all your available FIRA/FIRS/NOCs on one page and conduct a specific search

Download FIRA/FIRS/NOCs in bulk with just one click

Get notified when your FIRA/FIRS/NOC are available


How It Works


Whether you’re a service provider or seller, Payoneer enables you to access your FIRA/FIRS/NOCs with just a few clicks and view all of your FIRA/FIRS/NOCs in one place.

  • STEP 1

    Sign up to Payoneer

  • STEP 2

    Select Activity go to Reports & Statements

  • STEP 3

    View all of your available FIRA/FIRS/NOCs in one consolidated place

  • STEP 4

    Get paid from 200+ countries and territories