Now you can pay the VAT authorities in the EU and UK with the GBP and EUR funds in your Payoneer account, for ZERO fees.


  • Collect payment details

    This includes amount, VAT number, country and your Payoneer account ID

  • Email your details

    Send your details to

  • Payoneer pays

    We will ensure your VAT payment for the shared details


Easy and secure

Pay VAT in EUR and GBP directly from your Payoneer balance! Simply provide your VAT registration number and payment details and we will take care of the rest.

Peace of mind

No more late fees or wondering where your international wire is. With Payoneer’s domestic payments and instant confirmation, you can be confident that your VAT payment will arrive on time.

It’s free!

Avoid costly international wires and unnecessary conversion fees. Pay VAT from your Payoneer balance at no extra charge.