Integrate with Payoneer’s API to simplify the payment process with a low-cost and painless payment experience all on your platform.


Minimize fees for you and your customers

Eliminate the hassle and cost of converting funds by enabling your users to pay directly from their Payoneer balance. Enjoy lower operating costs by replacing high credit card processing fees with low-cost payments made directly via your Payoneer balance.

Minimize chargeback risks

Payments are authorized directly by your users which eliminates the risks of refund requests.

Leverage exclusive co-marketing opportunities

Gain access to Payoneer’s extensive global network of customers and partners by engaging in co-marketing efforts including exposure on Payoneer’s global social channels and Payoneer’s Partner Directory.

Enjoy fast and seamless integration

Payoneer’s API is specifically designed to service ERP and accounting platforms. Small and medium-sized businesses can easily implement with minimal technical support.


  • You integrate Payoneer’s API into your platform

  • Your user connects their Payoneer account to your platform

  • Your user clicks on “Pay with Payoneer” button and approves transaction

  • You charge funds from the user’s Payoneer balance


Logistics companies can integrate the API into their platform and allow clients to pay them without losing money on exchange fees

Fulfillment and distribution companies can offer their users an easier, faster, and less expensive way to make payments

European fiscal representatives (VAT agencies) make it easier and less expensive for Payoneer users to pay their VAT

eWallets can expand their network of potential customers by leveraging Payoneer’s network of over 4M users

Business software providers can make it easier for users to integrate with their system and reduce the risk of chargebacks