When we integrated Payoneer, we were looking for a payment provider that supports debit card issuing, e-wallet and local bank transfers across the globe. Payoneer was the right choice.

Paying thousands of global off-payroll workers and temporary staff in a timely, efficient and trackable way.


Payoneer’s suite of services, including mass payouts, API integration, card issuing, e-wallet payments and local bank transfers.


600% revenue and profit growth in 2021.


Transformify (TFY) provides payroll on demand and vendor management software that automates onboarding, compliance, and billing and payments to vendors, remote workers, temporary staff, off-payroll workers, and freelancers. Based in the UK, it operates in 184 countries and aims to automate mundane tasks via the click of a button or an API integration.



“TFY works with international enterprises that need to pay thousands of off-payroll workers and temporary staff located all over the world. These organisations face huge complexity in preventing duplicate payments, reconciling all transactions, and ensuring payments are executed timely.
TFY must also navigate the difficulty of supporting each of its clients’ different payment methods, which can include local bank transfers, cross-border payments, e-wallets, issuing debit cards, order to card (OTC), and crypto payments. ”



After an exhaustive RFP process that evaluated more than 15 payment providers against specific business needs, Payoneer emerged as the logical choice to help TFY achieve its goals and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Payoneer’s ability to deliver mass payouts, API integration, card issuing, e-wallet payments and local bank transfers resolved much of the technical difficulty Transformify faced. A simple pricing structure and fast transaction processing speeds cemented Payoneer’s position.

The API integration is critical, fully automating the mass payout process and eliminating the likelihood of duplicate payments. “Being a technology company, we really appreciate the possibility to fully automate the process,” said a Transformify spokesperson. “It’s about driving efficiencies, not just saving time.”



By supporting card issuing across the globe, Payoneer’s service fueled TFY’s global expansion – especially in countries where opening a local bank account is a complicated process. Instead, beneficiaries simply had to link their Payoneer e-wallets with their cards to immediately access their cash. This proved incredibly popular in LATAM, Asia and Africa.

TFY grew by more than 600% in revenue and profit in 2021. In 2022, the number of onboarded beneficiaries almost doubled. Further significant growth is expected across LATAM and Asia in 2023.”

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