The best thing about Payoneer is they process payments very quickly, have great customer service and are user friendly. I would definitely recommend for all networks to use them.

Paying publishers with different payment needs, quickly and by a method that suits them


Sending funds by global bank transfers, with multiple ways for publishers to withdraw their money


Paying publishers in over 75 countries, reduced processing times and more user friendly service


Ad4Game is a Performance Network with offices in Canada, Ireland and Morocco. They are partnered with key players in the gaming industry and focus specifically on gamers to ensure that their advertisers can reach a highly targeted gaming audience. Their ads not only enhance the content quality of their publishers’ websites but are also interesting and relevant to their visitors.



The more Ad4Game scales, the more publishers they need to pay whose different payment terms differ from what Ad4Game currently offers. They really felt the demand to make payments as easy and as fast as possible. They have over 1000 publishers all around the world with large pockets of freelancers coming from the US, Pakistan and Egypt.

“We face the problem of making sure to pay our publishers fast while making sure that everything is compliant and the fees are low,” explains Omar Tahiri, CEO of Ad4Game. Before using Payoneer they tried other payments providers but faced high fees, slow customer support and long processing times. “We decided to look for a solution that is efficient, user friendly and professional.”



Payoneer met Ad4Game at a conference and have worked together ever since. Ad4Game is utilizing Payoneer’s global bank transfers to make payments to their gamers all around the world, who can then withdraw their money to their Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® cards or to their local bank accounts. Ad4Game can now make fast payments, which are easy to scale and they have the peace of mind in knowing that their publishers are providing the right documents for their payments to be processed.



Ad4Games used to pay out to gamers in 10 countries and now with Payoneer, they’re paying out to over 75 countries.

“Since we started offering Payoneer as a payment solution, many new publishers started working with us as they can get fast payments to their Ad4Game Payoneer prepaid card and have access to their funds instantly,” tells Omar. “Payoneer has saved us at least 48 hours a month in processing all of our wire transfers and another 24 hours in making sure that we always have up-to-date bank transfer information.”

“We are looking to keep growing and make not only more payments on a monthly basis but also offer multiple payment methods to our growing number of publishers. The best thing about Payoneer is they process payments very quickly, have great customer service and are user friendly. I would definitely recommend for all networks to use them.”

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