Kok Mun Lee

ผู้ก่อตั้งและกรรมการผู้จัดการ Luxurious Craving มาเลเซีย
Being part of the Payoneer PLUS program has given me access to lower fees and dedicated service, among many other perks. It has given a huge boost to my business, which I did not expect. This has opened my doors to expanding my business worldwide.

Difficulties finding a payment solution can could keep up with our expansion


Thorough Payoneer's Global Payment Service, revenue received through Amazon is directly deposited to our local account


I now get to spend more time with my family and concentrate on growing my brand

Hi, my name is Kok Mun Lee and I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m the Founder and Managing Director of Luxurious Craving, an online luxury goods platform.

We feature top brands from all over the world such as Fred Perry, Burberry, Kenzo and Prada. All products that we feature are handpicked by us so we can ensure that they appeal to our target audience and covey the lifestyle that we are trying to sell.

My wife Queenie and I started this business two years ago selling luxury handbags, and our business grew to include apparels, watches and other products. We are both driven by our love for fashion.

When we first started, all we had was a Facebook page, which did not generate enough sales to get us very far. After a year and a half, we felt like we needed to grow so we invested in an ecommerce website.

The biggest challenge we faced was the difficulty of winning over the public’s trust as there were so many other websites selling counterfeit products that were being passed off as authentic. To overcome this barrier, we developed personal services to address our customers’ concerns; such as ‘cash on delivery’ service so our customers could inspect the products before making the purchase.

I was referred to by a friend who had been using Amazon for a while. We ship our products in bulk to the Amazon warehouse and Amazon fulfills the orders by sending the items to our customers.

Selling on Amazon has boosted our sales and revenue. Given Amazon’s international presence, we have now expanded our reach to America, Europe, Australia and Japan. Additionally, the affordable ads offered by Amazon helped us achieve our international sales goals.

FBA has most definitely saved us a whole load of time when it comes to our shipping. We no longer have to worry about delivery or the condition of the products upon arrival as FBA takes care of it all!

With our rapid growth, we faced the problem of not having a payment system that could keep up with our expansion

We heard about Payoneer at an Amazon event and were informed that Payoneer is Amazon’s trusted payment provider for sellers in Malaysia. In search for a payment solution that could meet our demands, we signed up.

We have been using Payoneer’s Global Payment Service for a year now. Payoneer has helped tremendously with our transactions. Revenue received through Amazon is directly deposited to our local account, saving us lots of time and energy!

As our earnings increased, I was thrilled to be selected to join the payoneer plus program

Being part of this program has given me access to lower fees and dedicated service, among many other perks. It has given a huge boost to my business, which I did not expect. It’s great to know that I’m using a service which supports local businesses and aspires to help them grow.

Since our transactions have been smooth and hassle-free, it has opened our doors to expanding our business worldwide. Everything is just a click of a button away and all my transactions can be viewed online.

Payoneer has saved us a lot of time! Since all transactions are instant, I no longer have to waste hours at the bank

As an entrepreneur looking to expand my company overseas, having Payoneer and Amazon makes everything so simple! With the business running smoothly, I now get to spend more time with my family and concentrate on growing my brand.

If you are a seller looking or problem-free sales you should most definitely register with Payoneer and Amazon! Terima Kasih.

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