Jinwon Jang

CEO, Gtory, South Korea
Now with Payoneer, I only need a few clicks and within 2-3 days I can receive my funds to my Korean bank account. This brought to big changes – 90% of unnecessary processes were reduced!

Receiving international payments from the U.S.


The Payoneer U.S. Payment Service


Increase in sales, faster payments and 90% decrease in the process to receive funds

I remember that getting a u.S. Bank account was the most difficult part of all

Hi, my name is Jinwon Jang and I’m from South Korea.

At first I started my career in the company called KT (Korea Telecom) as a branch manager, but I always dreamt about starting my own business.

I am currently working as a global online seller, selling on eBay, Amazon, Taobao, Qoo10 and recently I’m also selling on Lazada.

I don’t only sell on online marketplaces, I also carry out educational consulting for online sellers who don’t know much about the global market or are just entering the market.

In the beginning of my online selling career, I started selling on Qoo10. After many trials and errors I saw there was an increase in sales, then I realized ‘how to sell better’ and make my own vision become a reality. That also gave me the idea that this business can be successful not only in the Korean market but it also has huge potential in the global market, so I decided expand my business internationally.

I remember that getting a U.S. bank account was the most difficult part of all. Until early 2014, people thought that in order to issue a U.S. bank account, they need to go to the U.S.

The best thing about payoneer’s service is that without going to america, you can create a u.S. Bank account

After discovering Payoneer, international sellers realized that they don’t need to go to the U.S; rather all they need to do is register for the Payoneer U.S. Payment Service and receive their funds to their local bank account in Korea in their local currency. The best thing about Payoneer’s service is that without going to America, you can create a U.S. bank account in order to start a business on Amazon.

Payoneer is providing sellers with a leading solution

I remember in the beginning of my business, I had to send a fax, or call Hong Kong to receive payments. But now with Payoneer, I only need a few clicks and within 2-3 days I can receive my funds to my Korean bank account. This brought to big changes – 90% of unnecessary processes were reduced!

Increasing sales is very important but getting payments easily is as important as that, it is a big issue for all sellers and Payoneer is providing sellers with a leading solution.

Will you rather deal with 40 million customers or look at 2-3 billion potential customers from all over the world? If you are able to think about how big that opportunity is, you have the potential to be a successful seller.

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