Getting paid from AdSense shouldn’t be a hassle. Payoneer’s Adsense & YouTube Partner Program payouts provides you with a flexible way to receive your AdSense payments. Below is a simple guide to help you get started.

How to Get Paid from AdSense & YouTube?

To get paid by AdSense, you will need a traditional bank account or a multicurrency account provided by Payoneer. The AdSense payment cycle is monthly, and you accrue estimated earnings over the course of a month, and then at the beginning of the following month your earnings are finalized and posted to your balance on your Payments page.

If your balance exceeds the payment threshold and you have no payment holds, you’ll be issued a payment between the 21st and the 26th of the month. Note that the exact time you receive your payment will depend on your time zone, whether the 21st falls on a weekend or holiday, and your chosen form of payment.

Payment schedules vary across the different payout options:

Payoneer: 0-3 business days

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): 7 business days

Check: 2-4 weeks for mail arrival depending on postal service

Western Union: 1 business day

Wire transfer: 15 business days

Rapida: 15 business days

How to Connect YouTube AdSense to Payoneer and Receive Payments

  1. Log in to your Payoneer Account
  2. Go to Global Payment Service and select the country service where your AdSense account was approved from.
  3. Next, log into your Google AdSense account and choose the payments option from the menu tab.
  4. Then, click on Add Payment Method. (if you want to update your old settings, simply add a new bank account and remove the existing bank account)
  5. Type the information from your Payoneer account.
  6. Fill in the form with accurate information from your Payoneer account.
  7. Copy the bank name from Payoneer and paste it in the Name on the bank account and type BSB number and Account number.
  8. Then click on Save.


Get Paid Like a Local

Our receiving accounts enable you to easily and securely get paid in multiple currencies (USD, EUR, GBP & more upon request).

Withdraw Your Earnings

Choose to transfer funds from your Payoneer Account to your local bank account, your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard®, or keep them in your balance for payments.

Enjoy Multiple Currencies

Always have the currency you need to pay or withdraw

FREE Payments

Send payments to team members, suppliers and sub-contractors who use Payoneer for FREE.

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Transfer funds to your local bank account by paying a low cost and wave goodbye to expensive bank fees.

Stay on Track

Generate invoices, track and manage payment requests, all in one single place.

How to Register to Payoneer

Step 1 – getting started

Fill out all of the fields that follow (name, email address, DOB) as prompted. Note that the email address which you submit will become your Payoneer username, to which you will receive all communications related to your payments and Payoneer account. Also keep in mind that the information provided will be scanned and reviewed by our KYC engines*, and you may be prompted to provide additional documentation for verification.

* As a tightly-regulated company in the financial space, Payoneer must comply with the rules and regulations imposed by multiple governments, MasterCard®, and global banking partners in order to protect clients’ funds and prevent money laundering. Accordingly, account holders may be required to submit specific documentation that will assist in ensuring the safety and security of all transactions made via Payoneer. As part of the process, the following documentation may be requested of you: A copy of your ID, a Certificate of Incorporation, a Utility Bill, a Bank Statement, etc.)

Step 2: Contact Details

For the second step of registration, you will need to complete your contact details If registering as an individual, you will need to input your personal phone number and mailing address. If registering as a company, you will need to input the address at which your company is incorporated, along with your business phone number.

Step 3: Security Details

For the third step of registration, you will be prompted to choose your password and security question for user verification.

Step 4: Almost Done

For the third step of registration, you will be prompted to choose your password and security question for user verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find a selection of the most commonly asked questions related to Payoneer & the Payoneer Account. For additional commonly asked questions, check out our support center.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer empowers global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, countries and currencies with its innovative cross-border payments platform. In today’s borderless digital world, Payoneer enables millions of businesses and professionals from more than 200 countries to reach new audiences by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments. Additionally, thousands of leading corporations including Airbnb, Amazon, Getty Images, Google and Upwork rely on Payoneer’s mass payout services.

With Payoneer’s fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions, businesses and professionals in both developed and emerging markets can now pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.

How do I register to Payoneer?

Follow the detailed steps above to register.

What happens after I register?

Once you submit your Payoneer application, you will be able to view your account status at any time by logging into your Payoneer My Account.

New applications are usually reviewed immediately. Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation with further details. In some situations, you may be asked to provide extra details such as a copy of your ID, bank statement or other documents.

I already have a Payoneer account. Can I link it to receive AdSense payments?

Just click on the registration link and then select “Already Have an Account” on the Payoneer registration page. Then enter your registration email and password to be automatically linked to GoogleAdsense for payments.

How do I view my Payoneer account balance?

You can view your account balance by logging in to your Payoneer account. At the top part of the screen, you will see a drop-down menu with cards and/or currency balances on your account. Select the relevant card/currency balance and the balance will be displayed underneath.

For more details, you can also view your transaction list and payment history under the Activity tab.

How do I withdraw funds from my Payoneer account?

You can easily withdraw funds to your local bank account or to your prepaid card. To learn more about our Withdraw to Bank Account service, click here. To learn more about withdrawing to your prepaid MasterCard® card, click here.

Am I eligible for a Prepaid Mastercard®?

The Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® is supported in over 100 countries*, including Germany and Austria. Anyone residing in the supported countries is eligible for the card.

*Exceptions apply for those based in Russia or India

How do I check my transaction and payment history?

Sign in to My Account and go to the “Activity” menu, or click on either of the links below:

How can I change my bank details?

In order to change your bank details, you will need to reach out to our customer care team. Be prepared to provide them with a reason for the requested change along with a bank statement, voided check, or a screenshot to. Your online bank account with all relevant banking details.

Once you provide the needed information and documentation, our customer care team will update your bank account details.

I’m missing an AdSense payment, now what?

Missing a payment? No problem. We’ll get to the bottom of it. A few things to take into consideration:

Was the payment already issued by AdSense? If not, please contact them directly for further clarification

Have enough business days passed? Keep in mind that every country has a standard amount of acceptable business days that it takes to issue payments. Ask yourself if this time has passed: If it hasn’t – don’t worry. Your payment will shortly land in your bank account.

Still missing a payment? Please contact customer care to ensure your banking details are correct. Be prepared to provide them with a bank statement or voided check dated less than three months back.

Why is my account locked?

If you enter incorrect login info more than three times in a row, your account will be locked temporarily for 30 minutes. Afterwards, it should unfreeze itself automatically. If you do not recall your password, please reset. If you have any other password issues, or find yourself locked out of your account for an extended period of time, please contact the customer care team