Let’s see if Payoneer is the right service for you and your business needs and how to sign up!

Is Payoneer the right service for you?

Before going through the trouble of creating an account, we want to be fully transparent with you and assess if Payoneer really is the right service for you. Your time and effort are important to us and we want to make it worth your time!

Payoneer is for you if:


  • You have overseas business clients that directly send you payments and these transactions are fully documented via official email correspondence and invoices. You also have a website that verifies your line of business or any other legitimate online presence (for eg. Linkedin page, active Fiverr profile, active Amazon Store link etc.)
  • Your business does not fall in the prohibited line of business. Please check for the full list here: https://www.payoneer.com/legal/restricted-businesses/
  • You have an overseas client facing website with third party gateway like Stripe, 2Checkout etc. and want to bring your funds to Pakistan by connecting your gateway to Payoneer
  • You are a regular freelancer who has been freelancing at least for the past 3 months and have an active profile on marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour etc. and regularly receive payments on these marketplaces
  • You have an active, income generating store on Amazon, eBay or other seller marketplaces where Payoneer is available as a payout option.
  • You have a gaming studio and receive payments from Admob, Apple or Unity
  • You receive payments from Google Adsense, Youtube or Snack Video
  • You are a traditional exporter who exports items not listed in prohibited line of business and receive business payments from overseas clients


Payoneer is not for you:


  • If you wish to buy and sell dollars or any other currency using the platform.
  • Looking to avail our card services without any source of overseas business income. This facility is only available to active customers who have a source of business income from overseas. Requesting friends and family to send you funds to avail the card is not allowed and can create complications for you
  • Want to use the platform for receiving and sending funds to friends and family
  • Have no source of receiving overseas business income
  • Planning to start as a freelancer. We only encourage individuals who are active and regular freelancers to use our platform
  • Have no source of receiving business income in the next 2 months
  • In the process of setting up an Amazon store and have no active store at the moment. We do not encourage non-income generating stores to set up a Payoneer account
  • Looking to self-fund their Payoneer account to set up an Amazon store and pay suppliers. You cannot self-fund on Payoneer nor request others to send you dollars without a business transaction. Hence, we do not recommend non-income generating Amazon stores
  • Have a customer facing website or selling directly to customers. Payoneer is a B2B platform and hence, this can cause problems

What type of account do you want to create?

Payoneer offers two types of accounts

Individual Account:

An individual account is recommended when you do not operate as an agency, team or company. You are operating as an individual. The core difference lies in the verification required and the products that can be utilized. For individual account you will need the following:


  • Personal ID like NIC, driving license, Passport etc.
  • Authentic online presence of your business that can be verified from an active website, marketplace link from Fiverr or Upwork or marketplace where you are freelancing. If you are a seller then, link to your active online store. Please abstain from sharing dummy profiles as these will not be accepted.
  • Bank Account details matching the exact name as your Payoneer Account and identity documents. Please do not attach friends and family’s bank accounts to your account or a bank account in a name different from that on your Payoneer Account or any of your personal identity documents like NIC, driver’s license and passport.
  • Address that is present on your bank document and can be verified later as such. If addresses are different, please get it rectified on your bank documents by visiting your bank before attaching it with Payoneer.

Company Accounts:

For Company account, you will be able to additionally use Wire transfer service along with other services. You should create a company account if you have an incorporated entity in Pakistan with SECP. Companies incorporated as Sole Proprietors are not eligible for a Company Account.

Companies that are eligible are as follows:


  • SMC Pvt Ltd.
  • Pvt Ltd.
  • Partnerships (Association of Persons)


Documents required for Company Account are as follows:


  • SECP incorporation certificate
  • Bank Account details – Company Account Title, Payoneer Company Account Title and Company name on SECP certificate must match
  • Official active website link that clearly outlines the services or products of the company


Core differences between Company Account and Individual Account:


  • Limits
    Company account have no daily or per transaction limits on volumes. For monthly payments above USD 10,000, it is recommended to create a Company Account. For individual accounts, transaction limits per day and per month are set at USD 10,000. It may increase on a rolling basis for active users who satisfy pre-requisites.
  • Verification requirement
    Verification requirements as outlined above are different for company and individual accounts
  • Services
    Individual Account do not have access to Wire Transfer while for active and regular Company Accounts, the service can be extended

Products & Services

Payoneer’s fundamental objective is to make business payments from your overseas clients as easy and convenient as possible in the most compliant manner. Below are the core products and services that Payoneer offers?

Request Payment Link

This allows you to get paid by overseas clients via credit card, client’s local bank transfer or e-check. This service is ideal if you have direct clients overseas. IT professionals/companies and small exporters use this service regularly as it is ideal for them and allows you to receive payments from individuals/companies from over 150+ countries.

Local Receiving Account

This allows you to create local accounts in 9+ currencies to receive payments from overseas clients. This includes USD, GBP, EUR among other currencies. For eg. if you have a client in US, all you have to do is share USD Local Receiving Account details with them and they will transfer it like a local transfer. You can only receive payments from a Company bank account.


This includes marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour etc. where we are available as a payment method. You can create an account directly or from these platforms as well. This option is for regular freelancers who receive funds regularly.

This includes marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Alibaba. You can use our payment method on these marketplaces. For Amazon, you can attach a Local Receiving Account (see no.2) as your US bank account

Products & Services

This allows you to transfer funds from one Payoneer Account to another Payoneer Account. These payments must be business payments in nature. This means that the payment must be against a delivery of business service or product. Payments to friends and family for personal purposes is not allowed. Any selling of currency does not constitute as business. Also, this service is only available if you are using Request a Payment Link, Local Receiving Account or receiving payment from Marketplaces. Just doing Payoneer to Payoneer may not be sufficient. You cannot use this service to buy dollars and apply for card. It is not allowed, and your account can get flagged easily. Please be careful.

Payoneer to outside network Payments

This allows Payoneer users to pay their contractors, suppliers and freelancers outside of Payoneer network directly into their local and international bank accounts. You can also make batch payments to your suppliers, contractors and freelancers (payments in one go).

Amazon Ad expenditure

Payoneer allows you to pay for your Amazon ad expenditure from your Payoneer balance.

Payoneer Commercial Card

Payoneer Commercial Card can be used by active account holders who regularly receive payment in their Payoneer account from services other than Payoneer to Payoneer. Minimum balance to be eligible is $100 that has to be received as a business payment in your Payoneer Account. For verification, you will be required to submit proof of residence which will be a bank statement of last 3 months clearly showing your name and address. The name and address on bank statement must match your Payoneer Account info.

Payoneer is for me – Sign me up!

  1. Simply go to www.payoneer.com and click register/sign up on top right of the page.+
  2. Share accurate information about why you want a Payoneer account.
  3. If our self-onboard guide qualifies you, you will be taken to a register page
  4. Fill out your details as accurately as possible
  5. Watch the videos carefully below before filling out your details to avoid any problems later

I have registered, now what?


Business Questionnaire:

Payoneer is for me – Sign me up!

Visit www.payoneer.com and get started!

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